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Enhance & Transform Your Music with MyriadMix



MyriadMix is for any artist, musician, or music professional looking to:

  • Increase the quality of their music with a Professional Mix

  • Enhance the quality of their vocals

  • Have their music ready to be released to streaming platforms

  • Transform their music to compete with major artists

  • Learn more on how to push the best quality

  • Reach a bigger audience due to an elevated clear sound

Are you struggling to make your music sound its best?

Are you finding yourself stuck in a mixing rut, feeling like no matter what you tweak, your music just isn't hitting the mark? You’re not alone. Many talented artists struggle to achieve that polished, professional sound that sets major artists apart.


If your tracks are falling short of the quality you envision and you're ready to experience a mix that truly does justice to your music, it’s time to consider professional mixing services that can elevate your sound to the level you aspire to reach.

In 2022, artist "BilDine" was looking to elevate his song and have it ready to be released. 

The only issue was he had no knowledge with mixing and knew his song lacked quality. 

He tried mixing it himself with the few resources he had, but couldn't get close to where he wanted the song to sound like.


Right when he was becoming overwhelmed, we started to work together.


He struggled for years to get his music to achieve high quality, but with our help, he finally found the success his art deserves. (Listen below)


As professional Mixing Engineers, we told him to send us all the vocals separately with no effects (raw). We then balanced his vocals to the instrumental by properly EQ'ing, pitch correcting, compressing, and much more. We do over 200 projects a year for artists. 

If you're ready to take your music career to the next level, we'd love to help. Our services are designed to help you transform your song, elevate your quality, and have it ready to be released to all streaming platforms. 

Don't let your struggles hold you back from achieving your dream outcome. Book below to send a song to one of our Engineers and help you overcome your struggles by achieve amazing results today!




Please note..

Due to the number of projects and Engineers we have, we can only accept a certain number of orders. Act now to guarantee a mix in 3 days and all the valuable bonuses included!

This is how we've helped artists from having a low quality song, to transforming their song to Top Industry quality!

Before working with us

(BEFORE) PrivacyBilDine
00:00 / 01:04
You can hear the song has so much potential but the quality isn't where it needs to be 

After working with us

(AFTER) Privacy
00:00 / 03:07
Now, this song is fully out on all streaming platforms where it has generated over 200k streams! 🔥

More Songs Mixed By Us


**There's a limited amount of bookings we can receive on a weekly basis. Apply now to reserve a spot**


Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 5.41.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-27 at 8.12.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-27 at 8.10.37 PM 1.png

What our services include


If you act now, we're including the following bonuses at no cost to you:
Bonus #1- Mastering Service:
After a well balanced mix, how can you make your song sound louder? We will additionally master your song so you can achieve a loud mix and compete with billboard talent. This is a service of

Bonus #2- Manual Pitch Correction:
An industry cheat code! This is a tool top Engineers use in order to pitch correct vocals to make your voice more on key. Unlike Auto-Tune, this makes your vocals sound more natural and on tune of the song, enhancing the song overall to sound even more professional. This is a service of $89.99

Bonus #3- Brand Consultation:
After your song is ready to be released, then what? How are you going to release it? How are you going to market it in a strategic way to maximize the reach of a large audience? How are you currently branding yourself? How are you achieving brand awareness? If you act now, we will include a free 40 min- consultation with one of our Marketing Experts to bring you clarity and guidance to what steps you should take next. This is a service of $89.99

Bonus #4- Social Media Advertisement (1 month):
One strategic way to reach a large audience is by Social Media advertisement. Once you release your song, we will run ads for you for 1 month at no additional cost. Like this we help you push your brand awareness and grow a niched fan base that enjoys your music. This is a service of $249.99
Bonus Total: $549.96


  • We guarantee your mix within 3 days of sending us files and payment. If not, money back guaranteed.

  • We're fully confident in our work. We guarantee to transform your songs to your expectations. If you're not happy with mix, we will work on fulfilling your vision with a max of two revisions. If still not happy with it, we will give your money back no questions asked..

Due to high demand and limited Engineers, we can only accept a certain amount of mixes per week. We are extremely thorough and strict on who we bring to our team as we take pride in only providing top notch service. We highly recommend taking action now to take advantage of the bonuses included today-only. 


Our complete Song Transformation Bundle:

Mixing Service: $249.99

+ Bonus #1 - (119.99)

+ Bonus #2 - (89.99)

+ Bonus #3 - (89.99)

+ Bonus #4 - (249.99)

+ Our Guarantee

For only a total of: 249.99!   **Limited offer**

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